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Anthony Bourdain Will Be Publishing Marilyn Hagerty

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Last we heard, Anthony Bourdain was in talks for a book with "viral" North Dakota critic Marilyn Hagerty, and today during a conference call with journalists, Bourdain confirmed that it's happening. Said Bourdain:

She's been writing a food column in Grand Forks for 30 years. As we saw a little bit of her during her blow up on the internet and how she handled herself, what whe have is a sincere, genuine reportage of food that people don't really see or talk about. I see her life's work as a history of American dining. What's happened to them? Are they still around after 25 years?

The reviews I read were really refreshing and heartfelt. I think she made us all on the coasts look small and bad, and I admire her for that. And I think there's a book there. I know there's a book there. And I'm honored to be publishing her.

Bourdain has an imprint with Ecco that will be publishing books from the likes of Los Angeles chef Roy Choi, so hopefully a compilation of Hagerty reviews will end up on the bookshelf right next to Choi.

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