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One Year In Across the Eater Universe - April 2012

Today, all of the cities across the Eater universe are running One Year In interviews, in which they talk to chefs and owners on the first anniversary of their restaurant. Below, those who've somehow managed to survive that first year. Required reading for anyone who has ever had the crazy idea to open their own restaurant.


Claire Singleton of Blue Dot Donuts, New Orleans. [Photo: Nikki Mayeux, Aimee Olexy, Talula's Garden, Philadelphia. [Photo: Jason Varney, Bryant Ng, The Spice Table, Los Angeles. [Photo: Elizabeth Daniels, Anthony Strong, Locanda, San Francisco. [Photo: Molly DeCoudreaux]

· Boston: Todd Hall of Temazcal Tequila Cantina
· New York: Josh Früm and Robert Berry of Monument Lane
· Philadelphia: Aimee Olexy on Year One at Talula's Garden
· Washington, DC: Ellen Kassoff Gray on Watershed's Turbulent First Year
· Miami: Clay Conley on Buccan's Rookie Year

· New Orleans: Blue Dot Donuts Poised for a Citywide Pastry Coup
· Houston: Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber of Revival Market
· Austin: Mourad Belkacem of Draft Pick
· Dallas: Company Cafe Hosts Dallas' Gluten-Free Transformation
· Chicago: Looking Back Over Rustic House's First Year
· Denver: Jim Pittenger Reflects on The First Year of Brick and Mortar Business at Biker Jim's Dogs
· Las Vegas: Nick Starr Talks about the First Year at The Martini
· Los Angeles: Bryant Ng Looks Back On One Year of The Spice Table
· San Francisco: Locanda's Anthony Strong On Critics and Catastrophes
· Portland: Otto's Kim Stanton on a Quiet — But Fun — First Year
· Seattle: Brave Horse Tavern's Formula Involves Beer, Pretzels