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Wendy's Now Serves Poutine All Across Canada

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Get ready because things are about to get real Canadian: Wendy's in Canada have started serving poutine, the gooey cheese curd and gravy-laden french fries beloved across the country.

Not only that, but the fast food chain has launched a petition (they call it a "poutition") to get the dish named the "National Dish of Canada." (Don't worry, foolish Americans, you can't sign it even if you try.) Which apparently means it would get put on a stamp? And maybe have a hockey team named The Poutines? Or something. Anyway, they also have t-shirts and stuff that have poutine on them for sale. Below, a pretty good video for the campaign and a press release. Warning: do not watch if you're afraid of geese.

Video: Wendy's Poutition

Wendy's launches poutine nationwide OAKVILLE, ON, April 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Canada has a national sport, a national animal and two official languages. But we do not have a national dish, until now. Wendy's is bringing a Quebec classic across our nation by adding poutine to its menu. To highlight Canadians' love affair with this favourite delicacy, it is launching an online "Poutition" to make it the national dish of Canada.

Building on its iconic fries, cut from whole potatoes, cooked skin-on, served hot and crispy with a sprinkle of sea salt, Wendy's poutine adds fresh Canadian cheese curds (a poutine must!) and is covered in the brand's rich poutine sauce. The delicious marriage of flavours melts together to create a truly Canadian favourite.

"Poutine is a dish that has symbolic importance for many Canadians," said Ron Baugh, Senior Vice President, Wendy's Restaurants of Canada. "So we're asking people to join the conversation. Poutine is perfect when you want to indulge in a hearty, truly Canadian dish."

To show just how much poutine is enjoyed across the nation, Canadians can now visit or Wendy's Canada Facebook page to virtually sign the petition to make it Canada's national dish. These poutine lovers will also get a free upgrade coupon that can be redeemed at Wendy's stores nationwide with the purchase of a combo. Once 100,000 signatures are received, the "Poutition" will be submitted to Parliament for consideration just in time for Canada Day.

"Many Canadians have grown up enjoying poutine and continue to seek it out as a treat. That's why we wanted to showcase the love of poutine across all provinces in an interactive campaign," said Baugh.

The "Poutition" launched online on April 23rd and runs till July 1st. In addition to the Facebook page and YouTube video, national radio and TV spots will begin airing on April 30th in most Canadian markets. Revamped in-store graphics and merchandise promoting the new dish will also accompany the media launch. Poutine devotees can buy the branded merchandise on Items include buttons, bumper stickers, mugs, yard signs and t-shirts.

The mouth-watering new poutine is available now at Wendy's locations across Canada for $3.99 and is also available for $2.20 as a side upgrade in a combo. Wendy's continues to sell its classic fries, chili and oven-baked potatoes as other side options, and is also pleased to offer its new chili cheese fries.

For more information about Wendy's "Poutition", visit, and on Twitter @WendysCanada.

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