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Broke Americans Actually Enjoy Eating at Costco, Ikea

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A Costco cafeteria.
A Costco cafeteria.
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Broke Americans are busy people, okay, and they love saving time and money by combining errands and eating meals by going to places like Costco and Ikea that have on-site food courts. But according to CNBC, some Americans are even going totally out of their way to eat at these food courts, dealing with insane parking lots and navigating crowds of people even when they don't need to buy anything at the suburban big box stores. America cannot resist a hot dog and a soda that costs $1.50 at Costco (the price hasn't changed since 1985). Important facts: Costco has food courts at 586 of its 592 locations worldwide, and sells over 300 million food items a year.

Ikea's Swedish meatballs hit the wallet a little harder but are still a deal at $3.99, and who can deny the irresistible draw of that lingonberry soda? Hey, so maybe you happen to pick up a super-discounted big screen TV or a Scandanavian-designed EKTORP couch on the way out — at least you saved money on lunch. Spend, broke Americans, spend.

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