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NYC's Alison Eighteen; Juvia in Miami; An SF Strip Club

Juvia, Miami.
Juvia, Miami.
Photo: Juvia / Facebook

Mid-week reviews: Pete Wells discovers Alison Eighteen in New York is a restaurant that works the way restaurants used to: "You show up for your reservation, are led to a recognizable chair at a table that's all yours, eat an appetizer and a main course in that order, make conversation with your inside voice and then go on your merry way." Still: One star. Victoria Pesce Elliott finds "the season's it girl" at three-star Juvia in Miami. Beth Spotswood checks out the Penthouse Club Steakhouse, a strip club which is "clearly aspiring to be a serious fine dining destination. I took a bite of ricotta ravioli with fava bean, edible flower, and foam as a stunning woman wiped down the stripper pole, and another began to gyrate on it." And William Porter called the crepe du jour at Le Grand Bistro and Oyster Bar in Denver "an utter failure" and "sent it back to the kitchen — it should never have left."

New York:
New York Times/Pete Wells: Alison Eighteen, 1 star
Village Voice/Robert Sietsema: Florencia 13
New York/Adam Platt: Neta, 2 out of 5 stars
Time Out New York/Jay Cheshes: Empellón Cocina, 3 out of 5 stars
Insatiable Critic/Gael Greene: Café China
New Yorker/Amelia Lester: North End Grill
Bloomberg/Ryan Sutton: Tulsi, 2.5 stars

Miami: Pesce Elliott: Juvia, 3 stars

San Francisco:
SF Gate/Beth Spotswood: Penthouse Club Steakhouse

Denver Post/William Porter: Le Grand Bistro & Oyster Bar, 1 star

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