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Watch April Bloomfield, Like, Cameo on Gossip Girl

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OMG you guys, last night on Gossip Girl, Dan and Blair were slumming it in Brooklyn getting lunch at Roebling Tea Room, and they were like super-jealous of another couples' fancy salon (that had food by Torrisi's Mario Carbone — pronounced "Carbonnay" FYI — and Rich Torrisi, NBD). So Dan and Blair were all, like, we should totes host our own salon. The awesome theme they decided on, of course, was "London Calling," so Blair is like, "April Bloomfield will cater. I do secretly love pub food when it's made with foie." And then, like, they actually got Bloomfield, who's like the chef of my favorite amaaazzing resto The Spotted Pig? And then Bloomfield was there on the show and everything? And she even got some speaking lines, ZOMG, and got to say, "Entrees are almost ready, but I've run out of ice, and I need the ice to finish off my dessert and my special cocktail." The best most ridic Gossip Girl ever :)

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