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Watch Clips From the Bob's Burgers Food Truck Episode

Last night on the #1 animated series about a family that operates a hamburger restaurant, Bob's Burgers, business is down because new, hip food trucks are parking outside and stealing all their customers (see the full episode over at The only logical thing to do is open their own food truck to "steal their customers back."

Later, they go to a music/food truck festival called "Lolla-Pa-Foods-A." Tina (Dan Mintz) handed out samples and lied to all the hipsters, telling them the hamburgers were grass-fed cruelty-free soy bison. And the nine year old Louise (Kristen Schaal) talked trash about their competitors on the pseudo-Twitter website Chowster. Sample tweet: "It tastes like they actually went to the dump to get this dumpling."

Throughout the episode there were deliciously-punny names for food trucks, including "Ode to Soy," "Wok of Shame," "Sherlock Scones," and "Schindler's Fish." Hit the slideshow above for all of them, and check out the videos below:

Video: Trying to Stop the Food Trucks

Video: Lying to Hipsters, Trash-Talking on Chowster

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