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Dallas Critic: Yelp Has 'Contributed to the Mass Murder of True Critics'

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Nancy Nichols is the senior editor and critic for Dallas' D Magazine who hates watching fat people eat. She also thinks that websites like Yelp have "contributed to the mass murder of true critics."

Nichols, responding to Amanda Hesser's recent post "Advice for Future Food Writers" (but not linking to it), shares her thoughts on whether or not professional food writing is dead (synopsis: it's not, shut up.)

Nichols is worried about her fellow critics, because "Professional food criticism is on life support." And who's responsible for destroying the noble profession of eating out all the time and stringing words in a logical order to describe it? The internet. Or, specifically, all of you Yelpers and Chowhounders not buying newspapers. Because all of you people getting a "quick fix from Siri or YELP" have played a part in a genocide of restaurant critics. "Websites like YELP have contributed to the mass murder of true critics," writes Nichols.

And before you call her a food (sc)old that should step aside ("Many commenters have referred to me as an old geezer who should get the hell out of food writing and let the young ones take over"), Nichols would like to remind you that she has "15 years of knowledge in this industry." And that D Mag had a blog and a "D Recommends phone app."

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Nancy Nichols [Photo: D Magazine]

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