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This Is a Good LivingSocial Deal: Guns, Meat, Whiskey

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Photo: LivingSocial

LivingSocial is up to their gun shootin', meat smokin', liquor slammin' ways again, this time in Englewood, Colorado. A $69 "Adventure Deal" allows purchasers some time at a shooting range, followed up by a pulled pork sandwich at national barbecue chain Famous Dave's BBQ, followed by a whiskey tasting (including Scotch and bourbon). Sadly, in that order: No drunk shooting.

Last time one of these deals popped up, the daily deal site offered shooting semi-automatic pistols followed by Mexican food and tequila in Philadelphia. That one cost $139; maybe the Colorado deal is cheaper because you only get chain barbecue? Or maybe it's because you're just shooting pistols and not an AR-15. Anyway, you've got until tomorrow to buy one of the deals and find out.

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