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Is Top Chef Season Ten Headed to Portland or Seattle?

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Photo: kworth30 / Flickr

Hey it's Top Chef season ten rumormongering time: Back in February it was rumored that Bravo had been scoping out Boston or Seattle or Portland — really it will probably come down to which city and state will shell out the most tax dollars, just like the last season in Texas. And today the Boston Herald reports that Boston is probably out of the running: "That details are sketchy, but it appears Boston's efforts to snag the 10th season of Top Chef have bottomed out... Apparently, the Hub [Boston] and its local businesses failed to cook up the cash and a big enough sponsorship deal..." Word is that it's down to Portland or Seattle, with the winning city having "coughed up free hotel rooms." After all, Padma does have a pretty big entourage.

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