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Daniel Boulud & Bill Buford's Cookbook My French Cuisine Coming in 2013

Who's writing a cookbook now? Why, it's New York chef Daniel Boulud. My French Cuisine, to be published in the Fall of 2013 by Grand Central Life & Style, will feature recipes from the three-Michelin starred Daniel in New York, a section on iconic warhorses of French cuisine, and some "utterly accessible recipes" for home cooks.

The book will also tell Boulud's beginnings as a chef, with "a substantive foreword and several essays" by Heat author Bill Buford. Buford has spent the past two years writing and researching in Lyon, where Boulud was born. In addition to doing research for this book, Buford is in France working on his upcoming book Dirt, which focuses on "his experiences as baker, a cheese-maker, and a cook in some of the city’s most famous restaurants."

Food writer Sylvie Bigar and photographer Thomas Schauer are also working on the book. So, to be clear, this book has Daniel Boulud's take on classic French cuisine, simple home recipes, and recipes from his flagship restaurant; multiple co-authors, one of whom spent years researching in Lyon; and essays, photos, "lavish illustrations," and other memories from Boulud's life. Oh, and there's a section that "highlight[s] the ingredients behind the dishes," naturally. This thing sounds like three or four cookbooks in one; it also sounds totally nuts (in a good way). Here's a press release:


New York, NY – March 8, 2012 — Grand Central Life & Style, an imprint of Grand Central Publishing, a division of Hachette Book Group, is thrilled to announce the acquisition of a landmark cookbook, MY FRENCH CUISINE, by acclaimed New York-based French chef Daniel Boulud. Grand Central Life & Style Editorial Director Karen Murgolo acquired the world English language rights at auction from Kim Witherspoon of Inkwell Management. New York Times bestselling author of Heat, Bill Buford, will contribute a substantive foreword and several essays about Boulud and French cuisine. Chef Boulud will also be collaborating with accomplished food and travel writer Sylvie Bigar and photographer Thomas Schauer. The cookbook is tentatively scheduled for Fall 2013 publication.

Murgolo said, “It is a great honor to partner with Daniel Boulud, arguably the best chef in New York City, to create a cookbook that will reflect the energy, generosity and creativity that he brings to his cooking, his restaurants, and his life.”

Daniel Boulud is the most American of French chefs, passionate about cooking, but also about storytelling. In MY FRENCH CUISINE, for the first time, he will tell the story of his beginnings as a chef and his signature cooking at Restaurant Daniel, and will offer many recipes served at the restaurant. The book will also include a special section featuring iconic French dishes, grand classics that Boulud and Buford will cook together. These dishes are made all the more compelling given that Buford has spent the last two years writing and researching in Boulud’s native Lyon, a city that so profoundly reflects Boulud’s culinary roots. Boulud will also include a section of utterly accessible recipes created especially for the home cook. He will bring these to life as he visits his local food purveyors, from farmers to fishermen, to highlight the ingredients behind the dishes. The book will be lavishly illustrated, showcasing Boulud’s incomparable recipes, photos, and memories.

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