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Leaked Peyton Manning Receipt Cost Server His Job

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Welcome to Receiptrocity, bringing you the strangest and most entertaining receipts America's restaurants have to offer. If you've got an interesting, notable or funny receipt, scan/photograph it and send it over to

[Photo: TBJ]

Getting a big old tip from a celebrity is only fun until it costs you your job: a server at The Angus Barn in Raleigh, North Carolina, shared this receipt from footballperson Peyton Manning, only to lose his job after it went viral. Manning had tipped an extra $200 on a bill that already included an 18% gratuity, so the leaked receipt actually showed him to be a pretty nice guy.

But Angus Barn owner Van Eure told Triangle Business News, "This goes against every policy we have...It's just horrible." The server was fired immediately and Eure says she intends to call Manning to personally apologize. Servers, take note: if you get a fat tip from a famous person, keep it to yourselves.

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The Angus Barn

9401 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, NC 27617

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