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Gabrielle Hamilton Is Working on a Prune Cookbook

Prune, New York.
Prune, New York.
Photo: advencap / Flickr

Gabrielle Hamilton is officially working on a cookbook for her New York restaurant Prune, but don't get too excited just yet: the big, 250-recipe book isn't coming out for two years. Still, The Prune Cookbook is sure to be a huge hit after the massive success of Hamilton's Blood, Bones, and Butter. According to Publishers Marketplace, it will be written "from cook to cook," but whether that means it will be aimed at pros or home cooks is unclear. The book will be published in 2014 by Random House.

In other New York restaurant book news, New York Magazine's Underground Gourmet critics Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld are writing a cookbook based on their weekly "In Season" column, in which chefs share a recipe of a foodstuff that is in season that week. It will be titled In Season.

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