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On the Top Chef Reunion, Heather Refuses to Apologize

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Last night was the Top Chef Texas reunion episode, and villainous "trash goblin" cheftestapant Heather Terhune (Sable Kitchen & Bar, Chicago) refused to apologize to Beverly Kim (aria restaurant at Fairmont Chicago), who she bullied throughout the competition. Said the smarmy host Andy Cohen, "90% of the viewer questions that came in had to do with Beverly and the way she was treated on Top Chef," so of course it came up.

When asked if she owed Beverly an apology, Heather replied, "I do not think I owe an apology for the work ethic comment. Because at that time, that's really how I felt. Everything I’ve ever said is very truthful." Beverly plays it cool, saying that she was "at peace with whatever happened."

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