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Houston Chef Bites Back on Twitter Against Blog Review

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After Ewan Macdonald wrote an unfavorable review of the Hubcap Grill in Houston on the blog A Hamburger Today, chef/owner Ricky Craig went on an absolute tirade using the the restaurant's Twitter account.

Fun tweets like "Hey Ewan MacDonald from ' A Hamburger Today ' YOU HAVE POOR/ NO TASTE BUDS. FUCK YOU & YOUR BLOG U WANNA BE FOOD CRITIC. BITCH" and "No soccer writer from 'Scotland' is gonna come to my home town n talk smack on my burgers." Finding out that Macdonald is from neighboring Dallas, @Hubcap_Grill tweeted "EWAN MCDONALD GET OUT OF MY CITY YOU FUCKER! WHAT!!??!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT IN SHITTY FAKE DALLAS??"

Eater Houston has so much more.

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Hubcap Grill

1111 Prairie St Houston, TX 77002

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