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George Washington McNugget Sells For $8,100 on eBay

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The nugget in question.
The nugget in question.
Photo: AP

Someone paid $8,100 for the above Chicken McNugget, which bears a passing resemblance to the profile of the first president of this great nation, George Washington. Nebraskan Rebekah Speight bought the nugget three years ago and has been storing it in her freezer every since, but decided it has "been called to a higher purpose" and put it up for auction on eBay. (Don't worry, she isn't selling it for consumption, although she did volunteer to throw in the buyer's choice of dipping sauces.)

The money all goes to charity (a summer camp in Sioux City, Iowa), but still: who has eight grand sitting around to drop on a chicken nugget they can't even eat? American heroes with tons of money, that's who.

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