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Blue 44 in DC; Pasteur and Urban Union in Chicago

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Urban Union
Urban Union
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End-of-week reviews: The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema discovers a pretty good meal at Blue 44 in DC — if you're careful about what you order, that is. Michael Nagrant decides there are too many cooks in the kitchen at Chicago's Pasteur and suggests that the owners fire French chef Eric Aubriot, explaining that "[u]nfortunately, Aubriot, who was once a very great chef, has become a culinary mercenary, working in restaurants for a few months and then moving on to the next paycheck somewhere else. He doesn’t hold up his end at Pasteur." Also in Chicago, Mike Sula is underwhelmed by the dishes coming out of Michael Shrader's kitchen at Urban Union, noting that the chef wasn't around during his visits: "Nearly two months in, you'd think a guy could take a break. But maybe it's too soon for that."

Washington, DC:
Washington Post/Tom Sietsema: Blue 44, 1.5 stars

Chicago Sun-Times/Michael Nagrant: Pasteur
Chicago Reader/Mike Sula: Urban Union

Inquirer/Craig LaBan: Sky Cafe, two bells

Houston Press/Katharine Shilcutt: Roost

Las Vegas City Life/Al Mancini: Babystacks Cafe
Eating Las Vegas/John Curtas: Prime

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