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Vegans Revolt Against Beetle Food Dye in Frappuccinos

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Soy Strawberry Frappuccinos are the latest threat to the vegan community, as an anonymous barista tipped off vegan blog This Dish Is Veg that the mix for the popular drink uses cochineal extract, a dye made from South American beetles. USA Today reports that Starbucks switched to the coloring earlier this year as part of a push to stop using artificial ingredients.

Some might find that a noble pursuit, but not so for the vegans. Writes This Dish Is Veg, "What a shame." A petition to convince the coffee chain to stop using the dye currently has over 2,100 signatures. So, to be clear: vegans, strawberry frappuccinos are no longer on your approved list of beverages. Everyone else, keep slurping on your bug juice.

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There's beetles in them there frappuccinos. [Photo: Starbucks]