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Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Takedown of 'Pink Slime'

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Last night, the Daily Show's Jon Stewart tackled the issue of "pink slime" (aka ammonia-treated "lean, finely textured beef" filler) in hamburgers, his "constant companion on cold, lonely nights." The fantastic nine-minute segment — on the level of Stewart's Donald Trump/pizza rant — is very, very quotable, including:

· "How could you! You told me you were all beef! You're filled with some pink slime, ammonia goop! That's the last thing I want mixed up in my mulched-up cow corpse."

· "Of course any food can be disgusting if you take its ingredients out of context. Lips and anuses sound gross in our hot dogs, but we love them in our porn."

· "You're telling me we have an entire supply of meat bricks, and we're using them to cut the purity of our hamburgers? How are we not building meat houses with those? Actual McMansions. We could save our hunger and homeless problems at the same time.

· "McDonald's walked away from it? McDonald's doesn't think it's an appropriate thing to eat? These are the people that molded a pork disk into a rib-shaped sandwich that contains no ribs. But this stuff, pink slime, that's too fake for McDonald's."

· "Every product has some filler. For example, the USDA allows me to market this show as a comedy show, but any episode is gonna include finely textured comedy-like product. Ground-up dick jokes, swear words, this face."

· And after the hamburger commands him to say something nice about "pink slime": "Pink slime. Face it. It's probably no worse than the shit you already eat."

Video: Jon Stewart's Epic Takedown of Pink Slime

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