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Adrià Bros. Hire Francisco Méndez For Mexico Project

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Photo: Tickets Bar

Two weeks ago Ferran Adrià announced that he and his brother Albert would be opening a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona. Spanish newspaper ABC has some new details on the project, including the hiring of Mexico City chef Francisco Méndez.

According to the report, the restaurant will not be an outpost of the traditional, legendary Mexican restaurant El Bajío, as was previously rumored. Albert claims that the new spot will be inspired by that restaurant, but that they'll be toning down the spiciness and serving smaller portions ("In Mexico they like large portions, while here we like to try many things").

Chef Francisco Méndez previously ran a tapas restaurant in Mexico City, but has recently been traveling and doing research for the Adrià project. Some details on the menu he will execute there: there'll be aguas, soups, all sorts of tacos, and other traditional dishes, many of which will have a "Bulli-like touch." The space, which will be fashioned to look like a restaurant on the Riviera Maya, will probably be located in the Sant Antoni neighborhood of Barcelona.

The article also reveals that Albert will be opening a store that sells utensils, memorabilia, and gourmet products; it'll have a small café and restaurant. He plans on calling it Tickets, just like the always-packed tapas restaurant he runs in the city.

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