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Dublin Restaurant Bans Babies After 6:00 PM

Pichet, Dublin.
Pichet, Dublin.
Photo: Pichet / Facebook

Dublin restaurant Pichet has banned children under the age of two after 6:00PM. Before all you parent types unleash your rage in the comments, though, owner Nick Munier explains why to Dublin's Newstalk radio station: it turns out when his son was a baby, someone bumped into his high chair at a restaurant and spilled hot water all over his feet, giving him second degree burns.

Now, Munier says, "When I see a child at a table I become a different person because I am so scared that I am going to knock into them, that I am going to drop something on them." Also, they don't have room for all the "buggies" and "prams" that accompany small kids. Don't worry, though, he does say they love having babies around during the day when the restaurant's less packed.

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14 Trinity Street Ranelagh, Dublin 2, Ireland