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Bobby Flay Chimes in on Cookbook Ghostwriting

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Next up to chime in on GhostwritingGate: Chef Bobby Flay and television personality Anne Burrell dropped by the Today Show to talk about Julia Moskin's NYT story about cookbook ghostwriters. Flay, with 11 cookbooks under his belt, actually collaborated with Moskin on two of them, and said, "Julia Moskin was my collaborator and I think that's a really important word. I think ghostwriter is sort of the issue in terms of the terminology. We have collaborators, they help us produce the books."

And then Flay came to the defense of Rachael Ray, who Moskin accused of using ghostwriters:

I know for a fact that Rachael Ray writes her own recipes. I've seen her do it in between her shows, in the segments in a corner, writing her recipes away. Also on the other side of it, I don't think Julia Moskin... started this article in the gotcha form. She wasn't looking to unveil chefs' cookbooks. I think she was trying to write a story about her prior career... and lots of names got thrown in there and people got their feelings hurt.

Here's the video:

Video: Bobby Flay on the Cookbook Ghostwriting Scandal

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