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Watch Gwyneth Paltrow Defend Her Cookbook on the Rachael Ray Show

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"I do not use ghostwriters," said Rachael Ray, who showed off her many notebooks she uses to write her recipes and explained her cookbook writing process. And then actress Gwyneth Paltrow visited the Rachael Ray Show (via Skype) to address the controversy over the NYT story about cookbook ghostwriters. The story suggested that they both employed ghostwriters and did not entirely write their own cookbooks.

Said Paltrow: "This was a long labor of love, it took me three years to do it... Every single recipe in the book I came up and cooked on the spot... I understand the word 'ghostwriter' to mean someone is writing your book. And I think the New York Times clearly says that someone who is writing the glossary or organizing pantry items, that that constitutes a ghost writer as well. I wrote every single word of my book."

Rachael Ray agreed: "It doesn't mean you don't value the people that write the glossary or that help organize the pantry... A writer is still a writer, I think, whether it's the New York Times is trying to redefine them or not." Later, Paltrow talked about working with her assistant Julia Turshen and denied that she was her cookbook's ghostwriter.

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