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TXT Wines to Seduce Youth With OMG!!! Chardonnay

Photo: TXT Cellars / Facebook

Are you a young person (over legal drinking age, of course)? Don't you think wine is scary? Here is a totally real wine that is actually for sale that, um, speaks your language: TXT Cellars, the proud producers of such wines as WTF!!! Pinot Noir and OMG!!! Chardonnay. (The exclamation points are theirs.) They make a point of noting the brand avoids "wine geek talk" because "we don’t like wine geeks." (There are maybe other solutions to that problem than devolving into tween text speak.)

Eater wine writer Talia Baiocchi posits that the way to a Millenial's wine glass is cutting back on over-the-top posturing: "To them, NOT marketing is the new marketing." To this notion, TXT says LOL!!! (Riesling) and CYA!!! (Shiraz).

Surely some nanny state politicians are going to get their panties in a twist over this. How dare a wine company appeal to the youth of this great nation. What next? Hello Kitty wine? Oh wait.

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