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The Park's Finest in LA; Chicago's Pasteur

Pasteur, Chicago.
Pasteur, Chicago.
Photo: Pasteur

End-of-week reviews: Tien Nguyen "can't help but want to root for a truly homegrown place" like The Park's Finest BBQ in LA Weekly. Mike Sula has a couple disappointing dishes at Pasteur in Chicago, which he is "tempted" to speculate "might never have made it out of the kitchen if [chef Eric] Aubriot hadn't been in his street clothes having a drink at the bar."

Los Angeles:
LA Weekly/Tien Nguyen: The Park's Finest BBQ

Chicago Reader/Mike Sula: Pasteur

New Orleans:
Times-Picayune/Brett Anderson: R & O's

Houston Chronicle/Alison Cook: Pizaro's Pizza, ??

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