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Apple's Siri: Now Way More Yelpier

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One of the new features of the iPhone 4S is the voice-controlled "personal assistant" called Siri. For queries based on restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc, it uses information supplied by Yelp. Users could not directly access Yelp from Siri — only information like address and star rating would be displayed. With the recent release of iOS 5.1, there's a new integration between Siri and Yelp: tapping on the stars launches the Yelp iOS app. That is, if users have the Yelp app installed.

If users don't have the Yelp app installed, after tapping on the stars, they're immediately taken to Apple's App Store to download it (which is maybe a little annoying?). It's the first evidence of any integration between Siri and external apps, but wouldn't launching the mobile website be more universal and accessible? Anyway, if you're on the lookout for Yelpy reviews from militant vegetarians and degenerate, frenzied Elites, or are just looking for what is likely an enormous amount of fake reviews, then does Siri have the restaurant recommendation system for you. Here's video of it in action:

Video: Siri Restaurant Search Example

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