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The Best Gordon Ramsay Lawsuit Headlines

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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is suing the Montreal restaurant Laurier BBQ for $2.25 million because they dumped him as a consultant. Headline writers just couldn't help themselves in wielding cooking puns like a, uh, mallet. Here now, in no particular order, the best Gordon Ramsay lawsuit headlines:

· Gordon Ramsay cooks up defamation suit against Montreal eatery [CH]
· Spat with Montreal eatery has chef Gordon Ramsay on low boil [The Spec]
· Next stop for Gordon Ramsay? Think Hell’s Courtroom [Globe & Mail]
· The real Hell's Kitchen: Suits fly at Laurier [Montreal Gazette]
· Ramsay Grills Laurier BBQ With Lawsuit [CTV]
· Gordon Ramsay's Montreal BBQ nightmare turns into $2.7M lawsuit [NP]

More as they come in.

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