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Gwyneth Headed to the Rachael Ray Show to Talk Cookbook Ghostwriting

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Photo: Rachael Ray Show

The whole cookbook ghostwriter "controversy" started by Julia Moskin in the New York Times last week is far from over: Acting person/cookbook author Gwyneth Paltrow will be on the Rachael Ray Show tomorrow morning (Friday 23rd) to address the matter. Via videoconferencing.

Paltrow and Ray have been the most vocal people to deny that they use ghostwriters for their cookbooks — Ray went as far as demanding a correction (the Times said "no"). And now Rachael Ray is going to wield her vast media empire to protect her good name (and her buddy Gwyneth's) against the scurrilous rumormongers over at the New York Times.

Here's a preview clip:

Video: Gwyneth Paltrow Headed to the Rachael Ray Show

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