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Men Ditch Tab By BASE Jumping Out of 55th Floor Bar

The balcony at the Vue de Monde.
The balcony at the Vue de Monde.
Photo: Vui de Monde

Introducing the extreme dine and ditch: four as-yet unidentified men ordered Negronis at the bar of the upscale Melbourne restaurant Vue de Monde, which happens to be on the 55th floor. Then, without paying, they got up and jumped off the balcony. Oh, don't worry, they had parachutes and everything.

It seems this has been a problem in the past and Vue de Monde has security measures in place, like the big glass barrier in the photo above. Also, the men were not allowed to take a suitcase into the restaurant with them. Instead, they put the parachutes on under their suits and did a quick change in the bathroom, before locking the balcony doors behind them and taking the leap. They apparently had a getaway car waiting for them on the ground. In the local news report below, a police officer calls the jump "just a stupid thing to do."

Video: BASE Jumpers Dive From Restaurant

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Vue de Monde

Rialto 525 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia