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Marilyn Hagerty Storms NYC, Day Two

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Hagerty outside a New York City Olive Garden
Hagerty outside a New York City Olive Garden
Photo: @lostincentralia

The Olive Garden-reviewing media viral fameball Marilyn Hagerty continues her whirlwind culinary tour of New York City. (On day one she hung out Sam Sifton, ate street hot dogs, and dined at Dovetail.) Her day on Wednesday started with being interviewed by the AP, who plied Asian cookies on her in some sort of taste test (according to her daily video update, she said she "didn't much care for them").

Lunch, according to Page Six, was at John DeLucie's new Upper East Side restaurant Crown. Hagerty called it "a most swanky restaurant." Eater NY has a photo of DeLucie and Hagerty. Reps inform that she had "a baby beet salad, Maine diver scallops, and a chocolate souffle," and that she asked for a doggie bag for the leftovers.

Tired of all these "hoi polloi places," however, she wanted to see "how the other half lived." Which meant, of course, a visit to Danny Meyer's hamburger emporium Shake Shack in Times Square. Braving the lines outside, she called it "a wild scene. A well organized zoo." She had a hamburger and a glass of wine.

Later, walking around Times Square in which she "braved the Times Square smut peddlers like a true vet," she passed a bowling alley with a sign that read "Come on in, we have a live snake." But alas, she declined.

Today, Thursday, Hagerty is to visit a NYC Olive Garden with Anderson Cooper and is to dine at Eric Ripert's Le Bernardin.

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