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Marilyn Hagerty Storms NYC, Day One

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Photos: and @lostincentralia/

The Marilyn Hagerty viral hurricane continues unabated. Yesterday she visited the New York Times building and hung out with ex-restaurant critic/current National Editor Sam Sifton (see the posts here and here for photos). She also ate a dirty water hot dog so that the Times' City Room blog could run a post about it. On Halal food: "I don't know what that is... I'm Lutheran... so that wouldn't apply to me." But she won't be limited to hot dogs. According to Sifton, "Her rezos for this week? Impressive."

And here's an end-of-day video recap in which she calls LaGuardia "kind of scroungy-looking, it's not new and shiny like the airport in Denver."

For dinner, she went to the restaurant Dovetail NYC last night and called each of the ten courses "minute" but "perfect." (Photos of the courses here.) She continued: "It was probably the best restaurant meal that I've ever had." Eat that, Olive Garden.

Word is she's doing an interview with ABC radio and then the AP: "People are coming to her now."

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Dovetail NYC

103 West 77th Street New York, NY 10024