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Watch a Totally Psychotic Commercial For Mineral Water

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Here are a bunch of probably fake commercials for the real Lithuanian mineral water brand Vytautas. According to the ads, the water cures hangovers and de-stresses. Also: it has no poop in it, prevents panda gang rape, and can help you digest such things as bricks, leather jackets, British cuisine, Icelandic cuisine, and goats that are inside of boats.

According to the nerdlings at Reddit, this started as a university project in Lithuania and got so popular that the creator has come up with several follow-ups and an English translation. Watch and learn, since just a sip could make you as sexy as a tiger in a Bugatti.

Video: "Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!"

Video: "Vytauto Šventinis Bonusas (PAVAKAROT techno remix'as)"

Video: "Vytauto Šventinis Bonusas (skalbimo mašina)"

Video: "Vytauto Šventinis Bonusas (vizualin? atrakcija)"

Video: "Vytauto Šventinis Bonusas (traktori? dubsex)"

Video: "Mineralinis Vanduo Vytautas (šventinis bonusas)"

Video: "Mineralinis vanduo Vytautas!!! (antra dalis)"

Video: "Mineralinis vanduo Vytautas!!!"

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