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First Look: Wicked Good Barbecue Cookbook by Andy Husbands and Chris Hart

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[Photos: Paula Forbes / Eater]

Let's get this out of the way: Wicked Good Barbecue is a book about the art of smoked meats written by some guys from Boston. Specifically, chef Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel and his barbecue competition co-conspirator Chris Hart. And yes, their Northerness shows in the recipes. But wait a second — that is not necessarily a bad thing.

If barbecue is religion in the South, Hart and Husbands have license to be sacrilegious. (And please do note that many of the recipes in Wicked Good Barbecue are not strictly barbecue — there is a lot of grilling and just general dude food included.) The results land somewhere in Guy Fieri territory — think recipes with names like Chili From Hell, Atomic Buffalo Quail, and Fried Mac 'n Cheese Pops. Also included? The barbecue rib recipe that won them the Jack Daniel's World Championship. Wicked Good Barbecue is out now from Fair Winds Press (buy on Amazon).

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