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Olive Garden Restaurant Critic: 'I've Been a Lot of Other Things, But Never Viral'

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The viral fire that is the 85 year old North Dakota restaurant critic Marilyn Hagerty continues unabated. After her review of the Italian culinary stalwart the Olive Garden made the rounds on the internet last week, she was interviewed on CBS This Morning Saturday, telling the hosts, "I've been a lot of other things, but never viral." And the word is that she's headed to New York City for a full-on media assault.

Herald scribe Ryan Bakken wrote that he spent half of last Thursday functioning as Hagerty's press secretary, fielding inquiries from CBS News, Fox News, Piers Morgan Tonight and Comedy Central's Tosh.O (time for some web redemption?). She also landed on Grand Forks' News Leader WDAY News 6 who attempted to take her back to the Olive Garden. When rebuffed by staff, WDAY took her to one of Hagerty's other favorites, the Ground Round. Here's the CBS video:

Video: CBS Olive Garden review goes viral

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