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Brooklyn Water Bagel Co Accused of Fake Brooklyn Water

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"Brooklynized" Water or Regular Water?
"Brooklynized" Water or Regular Water?
Photo: Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. / Facebook

Remember the Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., the fledgling bagel chain that purportedly has a patented, 14-step water filtration process that churns out bagels just like they make in Brooklyn? (And counts Larry King among its investors?) Yeah, it turns out someone is suing them for maybe only having a regular old non-Brooklyn water filtration process.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, a man who bought the franchising rights for Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties in Florida says he's confident "analysis will provide us with verification that the water sold does not accurately depict an identical chemical composition as water from Brooklyn" and that he would like the Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. to pay him $2 million for his troubles, please. A rep for the bagel chain said, "In our country, we are free to say anything we want in a [court] pleading and then we have to prove it — that's going to be their challenge." Bagel fight, game on.

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