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Pizza Roulette, Hell's Pizza Super Spicy Pizza Game

New Zealand pizza chain Hell Pizza is living up to its name by introducing Pizza Roulette this week. What is Pizza Roulette? It seems the pizzeria will put two drops of the super-ultra spicy ghost pepper sauce onto only one slice of your pizza, but they won't tell you which. So it's like a game? That makes pizza taste awful for one lucky person in your party?

In any case, these cricket players from the Wellington Firebirds certainly seem to find it fun. Except for, you know, the guy who gets the ghost pepper slice. Below, find out why Pizza Roulette's slogan is "It doesn't cost, but someone pays."

Video: Pizza Roulette With the Wellington Firebirds

· Pizza Roulette [Hell Pizza / Facebook via Reddit]
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[Photo: Hell Pizza / Facebook]

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