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Here Is a List of the Top-Grossing Nightclubs in the US

 The BoomBox room at Marquee Las Vegas
The BoomBox room at Marquee Las Vegas
Photo: Nightclub Website

The magazine Nightclub & Bar has published a list of the most successful high-volume nightclubs across the country. The year-old Marquee in Las Vegas tops the list with a reported gross in excess of $70 million. Of the top ten, eight are in Las Vegas, one is in New York (LAVO at #10), and one is in Miami (LIV at #5).

Some might be surprised to find cheesy Ocean Drive staple Mango's Tropical Café, which features music that can only be described as "Esteban-like," high on the list at #14 with grosses between $25-35 million.

The entire bunch's combined amount racks up to the robust figure of $1.4 billion, and according to the feature, "the top clubs continue to generate growth well in excess of the overall bar and nightclub segment, which grew 1% in 2011." Apparently a shaky economic climate is really good for business.

The Top 15 of Nightclub & Bar's 100 Highest Grossing Nightclubs

1) Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, Las Vegas, $70-80 MM
2) XS Nightclub, Las Vegas, $60-70 MM
3) TAO Nightclub, Las Vegas, $45-60 MM
4) Pure Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
5) LIV, Miami Beach, $35-45 MM
6) LAX Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
7) HAZE Nightclub, Las Vegas, $35-45 MM
8) Surrender Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
9) The Bank Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
10) LAVO Nightclub NYC, New York, $25-35 MM
11) The Pool After Dark, Atlantic City, $25-35 MM
12) LAVO LV, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
13) Tryst Nightclub, Las Vegas, $25-35 MM
14) Mango's Tropical Café, Miami Beach, $25-35 MM
15) Seacrets, Ocean City, MD, $15-25 MM

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Marquee Las Vegas

3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, NV 89109