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Here Are IHOP's New Lorax-Inspired Menu Items

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Here is another thing — five, actually — IHOP wants you to put in your mouth: a series of dishes forcefully-inspired by the animated film The Lorax.

Because any campaign that includes efforts to plant three million trees and educate families on the environment must have a gastronomic tie-in consisting of dishes like "Truffula Chip Pancakes," a preparation of whole wheat pancakes filled with rainbow sprinkles, topped with more sprinkles and a creamy strawberry yogurt sauce. Or perhaps you'd prefer the "Rooty Tooty Bar-Ba-Looty Blueberry Cone Cake," a fluffy pancake with blueberries in a crispy waffle cone, topped with blueberry compote and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Because kids should be eating ice cream cones for breakfast.

If you're reading this and thinking that cross-promotion has gotten out of hand and that people don't like a nice IHOP deal once in a while, you'd be wrong.

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