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Here's a Look Around Noma's New Test Kitchen

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[Photos: Adam Mörk]

Here are photos of the newly minted test kitchen that sits one floor above the dining room of Noma, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Chef René Redzepi and the team behind the restaurant commissioned firm 3XN to turn the space's former meeting rooms into an "experimentarium" that consists of a test kitchen, herb garden, staff area, and office. According to a release, the project made use only of Nordic materials, and because Noma is housed in a landmarked former warehouse, the test kitchen was constructed "without so much as one single nail in the walls or flooring."

It's important to note that this space is different from the Nordic Food Lab, which remains in a houseboat just steps from the restaurant. Noma managing director Peter Kreiner tells Eater, "We have built a brand new test kitchen/food lab for Noma in the warehouse, so this is where Noma is working on the new dishes." He adds, "Nordic Food Lab, where we work more generally, and not for the restaurant, is on the houseboat, which you can see in BBC HARDTalk."

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Strandgade 93, 1401 København, Denmark