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The Fat Duck's Pre-Dining Theatrics: A Virtual Sweetshop

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Here's a look at Heston Blumenthal's new Fat Duck project, which aims to involve diners in the restaurant experience months before they actually sit down to dinner. As Blumenthal previously told Eater, it's called the "Virtual Sweetshop" and diners gain access to an online animation created by British creative studio the Neighborhood when they score a reservation. Below, go behind the scenes — to view the actual sweetshop, you'll have to get a Fat Duck reservation.

Narrated by John Hurt — a British actor who has been in all kinds of things, but for these purposes let's note that he was the narrator for The Jim Henson Hour back in the day — the animation abstracts dishes served at the Fat Duck, makes references to Alice in Wonderland, and is generally surreal.

Blumenthal tells Eat Out Magazine, "The Fat Duck is the type of restaurant you may only ever eat in once and I wanted to create that almost childlike feeling of anticipation beforehand." To that end, diners can only watch the animation three times (artificial scarcity!); use them wisely.

Video: Heston Blumenthal's Like a Kid in a Sweetshop

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