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Hottest Chef Round 2, Day 1: Miami's Todd Erickson vs DC's John Critchley

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Left: Todd Erickson (Haven, Miami) [Photo: <a href="">Rolando Diaz</a>]; Right: John Critchley (Urbana, DC)
Left: Todd Erickson (Haven, Miami) [Photo: Rolando Diaz]; Right: John Critchley (Urbana, DC)
Photo: R. Lopez

2012_1_hotlogo.jpgOkay, it's definitely hot in here. Probably because it's now the quarterfinal round in Eater's Hottest Chef in America competition. Right now: chef Todd Erickson of Haven in Miami versus John Critchley of Urbana in Washington, DC.

Update: Apparently bogus votes are sneaking through, but FYI you guys: they will be removed when the poll is closed.

Vote here:

Poll results

Note: Poll closes at 11AM EST, Tuesday Feb 28th. To keep track of the Hottest Chef competition, see the brackets.

Update 2/28: Eater is analyzing the votes for fraud. The official winner will be announced later today.

Update 2/28 #2: Fraudulent votes have been removed, and John Critchley (DC) wins by a vote of 1709 to Todd Erickson's 703.

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