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Watch a Bunch of Bloggers on a Junket at KFC's HQ

Pretty regularly, corporate fast food restaurant chains offer junkets to a bunch of bloggers to show off their wares. Usually it includes flight and a hotel stay. The chains are looking to capitalize on "viral buzz," or whatever it is the Social Media Expert tells the execs. You know you've made it when they invite you because that means you're an "Influencer."

What goes on behind closed doors? Well, the video below from KFC shines a little light into the world of these junkets. It is, from all appearances, somewhat unglamorous. For example, no cash is handed over (as far as you can tell). In the video below, the bloggers get a behind-the-scenes look at a local model restaurant; they gaze upon a statue of Colonel Sanders; they sit in fluorescent-lit rooms, eating food on plastic plates; and they take a lot of photos with their cell phones.

Video: Bloggers Have "Fresh" Experience on Visit to KFC HQ

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