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Hottest Chef Round 1, Day 4: New Orleans' Phillip Lopez vs Atlanta's Ted Lahey

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Left: Phillip Lopez (Root, NOLA) [Photo: <a href="">Amy Jett</a>]; Right: Ted Lahey (Table &amp; Main, Atlanta)
Left: Phillip Lopez (Root, NOLA) [Photo: Amy Jett]; Right: Ted Lahey (Table & Main, Atlanta)
Photo: Iain Bagwell

2012_1_hotlogo.jpgEater's Hottest Chef in America competition continues: In yesterday's poll, Philly's Jason Cichonski defeated Chicago's Trevor Hoyte.

But right now, the final Round 1 competition in the Eastern Conference: chef Phillip Lopez of Root in New Orleans and Ted Lahey of Table & Main in Atlanta. Vote here:

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Note: The poll will close at 11AM EST, Monday Feb 27th. To keep track of the Hottest Chef competition, see the brackets.

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