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Cake Maker Duff Goldman 'Hates' Fondant

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Photo: Food Network

Apparently on this week's episode of the podcast Good Food, Charm City Cakes pastry chef and cupcake hater Duff Goldman announced that he hates fondant: "I hate fondant. I don't like eating it." He does, however, like selling it and using it to decorate cakes. Here are some things Goldman has made using fondant:

· Hogwarts, destroyed by magic or whatever.
· Storm Trooper helmets.
· Giant hamburgers.
· The DeLorean from Back to the Future.
· Charcuterie for Fergus Henderson.
· Games for the Price is Right.

Goldman says, "Like banana peels, they look nice. They don't taste good. Same thing with fondant. It's there to look pretty." To look pretty and build DeLoreans.

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