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Here Is The Int'l Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science

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Here is the first issue of The International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, a peer-reviewed publication that aims to "review and explore adopting a scientific approach to all the current facets of this growing field."

The editorial board includes the kinds of global big names you'd hope and expect to be involved in something like this — Harold McGee, Wylie Dufresne, Heston Blumenthal, Grant Achatz, René Redzepi — and among the contributors the first time around are Andoni Luis Aduriz, Alex Atala, David Chang and his collaborators at the Momofuku Test Kitchen, and several noted food scientists.

Some might quickly write this off as yet another entry in the molecular movement, yet the selection from the first issue explores a wide scope of subjects and shows a strong emphasis on research and information throughout; this is academic food writing useful to any chef. There's everything from Atala's discoveries on the Amazonian ingredient priprioca to Chang's research into the notion of microbial terroir to an exploration on dry aging beef from Sydney chef Neil Perry.

The International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science Volume One, Issue One
· Foreword from the editors by
Begoña Perez Villarreal
· On the idea of novelty in cuisine: A brief historical insight by Bénédict Beaugé
· Sous Vide Cooking: A Review by Douglas E. Baldwin
· The engineering inside our dishes by Jose Miguel Aguilera
· Cooking and nutritional science: Gastronomy goes further by Virginia Navarro, Gema Serrano, Dani Lasa, Andoni Luis Aduriz, Josune Ayo
· Hydrocolloids between soft matter and taste: Culinary polymer physics by Thomas A. Vilgis
· Improvement of a culinary recipe by applying sensory analysis: Design of the New Tarte Tatin by Purificación García-Segovia, Vivian Barreto-Palacios, Consuelo Iborra-Bernad, Amparo Andrés-Bello, Rebeca González-Carrascosa, Jorge Bretón, Javier Martínez-Monzó
· A new ingredient: The introduction of priprioca in gastronomy by Alex Atala
· Defining microbial terroir: The use of native fungi for the study of traditional fermentative processes by Daniel Felder, Daniel Burns, David Chang
· Culinary trompe-l'oeil: A new concept in coating by A. Luis Aduriz, J. Vergara, D. Lasa, O. Oliva, R. Perisé
· Dry Aging Beef by Neil Perry

· International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science - Vol 1, Iss 1, Pgs 1-80, (January 2012) [Science Direct via @oswaldenzz]
· All Food Media Coverage on Eater [-E-]

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