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Kidnapped Pub Statue 'The Fox Chef' Tours Scotland

[Photos: Fox Chef/Facebook]

A statuette known as the "Fox Chef," stolen from a pub in the United Kingdom, has captured the hearts and clicks of folks anxious to follow his many travels across Britain. The shenanigans started two weeks ago when the chef figure disappeared from the Fox & Hounds pub in southwest Scotland, and the thieves began taunting the pub owners via Facebook, posting pictures of the chef in locations such as Glasgow's George Square, the Rangers Football Club and this boat.

The pub owners have pleaded with his kidnappers (as has Rangers football club manager Ally McCoist) to ensure Fox Chef's safe and swift return. They also deny being part of a publicity plot to drum up interest in their business. Today news came that they may get their wish, reports the Paisley Daily Express:

But it would appear that the antics of the Fox Chef may be about to come to an end. We managed to track him down to a secret destination in Renfrewshire and he appeared, to all intents and purposes, to be in good spirits. His kidnappers assured us that he would be returned to the Fox & Hounds at some point this month, and claimed that pub owners had caved in to their demands, which he described as reasonable.

When Eater contacted Fox Chef today to find out how much he weighs, to get a better idea of just what lengths his kidnappers are going to, the chef told us, "I would prefer not to answer that just now! I'm still carrying a little holiday weight!" Here's hoping he manages to slim down by his welcome home party, which is scheduled for February 10th at the Fox & Hounds. There's going to be a DJ and a Jagermeister promotion.

Video: Ally McCoist's Heartfelt Appeal For The Fox & Hounds' Fox Chef

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