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Babyccinos Are Cappuccinos But For Babies

Photo: goforchris / Flickr

What's the latest threat to American children? Babyccinos. According to the Brooklyn Paper, babyccinos exist in the world and their "popularity has surged in Brooklyn over the last few months." Babyccinos are apparently "mini decaf cappuccinos or frothy cups of steamed milk and foam," although if this discussion on the Coffee Snobs message board is any indication, there is some debate about that. Anyway, it seems the toddler coffee shop scene is booming.

The doctor quoted in the Brooklyn Paper piece is cool with babyccinos, as a shot of decaf espresso has less caffeine than a soda and "A small percentage of caffeine on a non-regular basis is probably okay." The trend is getting some push back from the barista crowd, though; according to one such coffeeman, "I have one customer who says that and it annoys the hell out of me...It is not on our menu — which we are making an effort to stick to." Another barista called it "a little weird."

Nevertheless, the Australian-born babyccino trend has infested America and the situation is dire. And what's worse, kids are getting the things from their parents, who see them as a way to "keep the kids happy so that I can enjoy my coffee in peace." One Brooklyn mom even told Brooklyn Paper, "My child has been going to cafes since he was a newborn...'Coffee shop' was one of his first words." First it's decaf espresso, then it's the real stuff, next thing you know your kid's chain-smoking Gauloises. Parents, you've been warned.

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