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McDonald's France to Put Fancy Cheeses on Hamburgers

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[Photos: McDonald's]

Genius innovation or cheese snobbery? From February 15 to March 27, cheeseburgers at McDonald's in France will get more than just the the typical processed yellow stuff Americans get: three different burgers will be topped with AOC-certified French cheeses including Cantal, Fourme D'Ambert, and Saint-Nectaire. (A fourth generic chevre option is also available.)

And as if those French hamburgers weren't French enough, they're going to make them even Frenchier but putting them on a baguette and slapping some "sauce a fondu" on them. So let's get this straight: these are "hamburgers" that eschew yellow cheese, sesame seed buns, and McDonald's special sauce? First France gets black Darth Vader hamburger buns and now this. Either they don't fully understand the concept of hamburgers or they're operating on an entirely new Novelty Sandwich plane.

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