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Bravo Is Casting For Season Ten of Top Chef

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Magical Elves, the production company behind Top Chef, bombarded almost every single Eater editor with an email yesterday fishing for new cheftestapants. (Which appears to be the first confirmation of a season ten of Top Chef, so hooray?) We figured we'd just run their email in full on the blog and let anyone nominate their favorite chefs. Hop to it:


I’m currently casting for Top Chef 10 and I’ve been doing a lot of research into the chefs that would be great for the show. We’re all big fans of the site here, and I thought as Eater [REDACTED]’s editor, you might be able to throw some names out for me to get in touch with from the local [REDACTED] and/or general [REDACTED] area.

You might already be familiar with the show, but in recent years we’ve had some pretty amazing chefs who’ve pushed the boundaries in the culinary world, so we’re really trying to raise the bar this season. We’re looking for strong, talented, and entertaining chefs who have really charismatic personalities (or any traits that might get people to sit up and pay attention) and hopefully have pretty impressive resumes to match. If you’ve come across any up-and-comers while eating out or anyone you’ve heard of in your own research, please send ‘em my way. (In particular, if you know of any fantastic female chefs, being a woman myself, I would especially love to see some women thrown in the mix as well.)

I’d appreciate any recommendations you may have, and if any of your colleagues know of anyone too, I’d love to hear them!

Thank you!

Robyn J

Robyn Kiyomi
Casting Associate | Top Chef 10

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