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Food Critic Jonathan Gold to Star in a New Documentary

Jonathan Gold.
Jonathan Gold.
Photo: kayone / Flickr

With a Pulitzer Prize and several James Beard Awards under his belt, Los Angeles Times food critic Jonathan Gold is now moving on to star in a documentary about the Los Angeles food culture. The Hollywood Reporter has it that Gold will be the subject of a yet-to-be-named documentary from director Laura Gabbert, whose past projects include 2009's No Impact, a film about a family's attempt to spend a year making no net environmental impact.

Production is already underway on the documentary, which Gold reveals is going to be "a film using me as a prism through which to look at food as a prism looking at Los Angeles." Variety further explains that it "explores Gold's quests to discover offbeat eateries in Los Angeles." Finally, investor Jamie Wolf explains that Gold was the right choice for the documentary, saying, "the paradox of his becoming so well-known and revered in the pursuit of such an idiosyncratic, personal, and obscure interest has fascinated me as it's evolved. He seems like the ideal guide to the extraordinary multi-facetedness of this indefinable city."

So will the quasi-anonymous Gold actually appear in the film or will there be some kind of face-obscuring technique used to preserve whatever anonymity he has left? The critic was outed back in 2007 after winning the Pulitzer Prize and does attend public events, but still has been known to don disguises from time to time, such as last month's CBS expose on "generation foodie."

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